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    Dakota Ridge

    The First Cowboy Rain Boots For Kids

    Dakota Ridge

    Little boots for big moments of wonder and wander. For those times when puddle-jumping is encouraged and kicking up dust is a prerequisite to an afternoon well spent. Ideal for puddles and potholes, backyards and beaches, every season and every day.

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    No gimmicky characters or prints, no unnecessary gender distinctions, no crazy price tag...just an adorable, rugged, and easy-to-clean boot that works with everything in your wild and wonderful half-pint’s wardrobe.

    Give Back

    Give Back

    For every Dakota Ridge purchase, we’ll donate 3% of our sales to a non-profit organization that we believe is doing some good. Simple as that. 

    For The Kids involves the community to develop, mentor, and feed children who need a little support. Each week, they deliver bags of food for kids to take home over the weekend, and we think this is pretty incredible. So when you support your own kiddo with a Dakota Ridge purchase, you'll also support a few others who could use a good meal.

    We also give back to the Western Sports Foundation which helps take the athletes to new heights in their career and providing support for beyond them and their families beyond competition.

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