The Dakota Ridge Team

At Dakota Ridge, we believe that your kiddo should be comfortable, happy, and well-equipped to play as hard as he or she wants. But we also know that finding shoes that are practical, affordable, and unapologetically cute is no easy task. As parents ourselves, we decided it was time to create a kid's boot that checks everything on your list and kicks up a little dust: Dakota Ridge kid's all weather rubber cowboy boots are stylish without compromising functionality, and they’re durable enough to handle whatever your little tumbleweed throws their way. No gimmicky characters or prints, no obvious gender distinctions, no crazy price tag...just an adorable, rugged, easy-to-clean boot that works with everything in your half-pint’s wardrobe.

Our team is small but passionate, and we believe that our kids deserve to look cute and feel confident. More importantly, we just want to equip them to play hard and laugh harder.


Cheyenne & Kylee


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