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Never Leave Without

Never Leave Without
Everyone’s got their go-to list. We’re talking about the few items you can (on any given day of the week) find sloshing around the bottom of your purse/tote bag. It’s all the stuff you use frequently enough to purchase in bulk or—at least for the foreseeable future—can’t imagine living without. And in case it feels helpful, here’s our current rundown…
  1. Coffee: the bigger the jug, the better (ideally, one of those Mountain Dew-sized troughs that construction workers often carry), but we’ll take what we can get.
  2. Baby wipes: a life-saver in a handy-dandy resealable dispenser if ever there was one. Can be used for literally everything. Make-up mishaps? Yes. Kool-aid mouth? Sure. When the aforementioned 144oz. jug of coffee spills in your car on the way to pick up the kids? That too. 
  3. Worth A Shot: It’s a song, and one we can’t get enough of just now. We’ve got it on repeat, and we think you should too. Thanks, Elle King, for seeing us in all our frazzled glory.
  4. YouTube Kids: always downloaded on our phones, always at the ready. You never know when a full-blown meltdown will cause the train to derail and destroy an entire town. Best to be prepared.
  5. Airpods: there COULD come a moment in your day when your attention isn’t demanded by anyone (say, the 3 minutes between when you arrive at school and when your kids come barreling toward the car, for example). And it’s in this small, heaven-sent window that a touch of Enya/Kate Bush/Trisha Yearwood—on full blast—could offer all the serenity you need to forge ahead. Godspeed, friend. Godspeed.


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